Hurricane Impact and Mitigation: A Study of the Corpus Christi Bay Area.




Department of Landscape Architecture, Texas A&M University

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Department of Landscape Architecture, Texas A&M University


After an initial reconnaissance the students defined the scope and geographic region for their study as being the Corpus Christi area. This region was found to possess features of the coastal zone which illustrate a composite of the issues and problems found throughout the Texas Gulf Coast. The primary goal of this report is to present a comprehensive, non-technical description of the issues resulting from the hurricane/land development relationships found on the Texas coast and to suggest remedies to problems that are identified. The information reported herein describes these findings, conclusions and general suggestions for dealing with hurricane damage potential as it relates to land design and development. The issues and relationships are published in a way designed to inform the citizens of Texas and the coastal zone about potential storm related problems and the options available for dealing with them.


104 pgs.


hurricanes, mitigation