Financing marine and estuarine programs: A guide to resources




Rubin, Kenneth I. And Mark Alderson

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U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Water, Office of Marine and Estuarine Protection, Office of Policy Planning and Evaluation


This three part document will help estuarine and marine managers understand the concepts and terminology of public finance, and secure the funds needed to support restoration and protection programs. The first part of the report, the financial primer, introduces basic financing concepts and explains the initiatives needed to begin financial planning for long term resource management activities. The second part, the case studies, provides specific examples of how some towns and cities have raised money to solve specific water quality problems. Finally, the glossary serves as a quick reference to the financial terminology that managers unfamiliar with financial planning need to understand.


101 pgs.


financial resources, financing, estuaries, financial management, taxes, licenses, estuaries, research, estuarine pollution, estuarine area conservation, land bank, dedicated revenues, occupancy tax, tobacco tax, inland waterways trust fund, oyster taxes, tax increment financing district, sport fishing license, stormwater utility, water and sewer trust funds, wastewater system access rights, insurance