Coastal Fisheries project report, 1969-70




Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

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Texas Parks and Wildlife Department


Coastal Fisheries Project Reports have been published annually since 1959 by the Coastal Fisheries Branch of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. A realignment of research efforts in 1969 has made it convenient to publish reports for 1969 and 1970 in the same volume. Reports for the shrimp project and oyster project were prepared for each year so there are two report for each of these projects. In 1969 a new "Technical Series" was begun by the Parks and Wildlife Department. The Coastal Fisheries Branch as well as the Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Restoration Branches contribute to this Series. Recipients of the Coastal Fisheries Project Reports also receive those publications in the Technical Series that relate to coastal studies.


344 pages; available to download individual reports at


research programs, marine fisheries, fishery institutions