Effects of Engineering Projects on the Ecology of Moses Lake - Effects of Engineering Projects on Galveston Bay Estuaries




Johnson, Roy B., Jr.

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Texas Parks and Wildlife Department


In 1964, preliminary work was completed on a portion of the Hurricane Protection Levee which crossd the mouth of Moses Lake, a protected estuary of the Galveston Bay System. During the three year period from 1964-67 this portion of the Hurricane levee remained incomplete, as a closable tide control and navigation structure has been under construction. During this period, exchange of water between Galveston Bay and Moses Lake has been through a temporary ditch, 155 feet wide and 10-12 feet deep, which was reduced to 35 feet in width in October 1966 after the ditch was closed up during a storm threat. Final procedures in construction will be the opening of the tide structure, and shaping and sodding of the levee.


pages 159-168; available for download at the link below.


levees, environmental effects, ecology, coastal engineering