Reef Fish Resources of the Gulf of Mexico: Draft Environmental Impact Statement and Fishery Management Plan and Regulatory Analysis


February 1980


Sea Grant College

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Sea Grant College


Description of Action: The proposed action will result in management of the reef fish fishery in the US Fishery Conservation Zone under the jurisdiction of the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council. The basic objective will be to manage these stocks for their optimum yield to domestic user groups. Specific objectives are to: (1) rebuild the declining reef fish stocks wherever they occur within the fishery, (2) establish a fishery reporting system for monitoring the reef fish fishery, (3) conserve and increase habitat for reef fish to increase reef fish populations and provide protection for juveniles, while protecting existing and new habitats and, (4) minimize conflicts between user groups of the resource and conflicts for space. The management action will be implemented through the appended Fishery Management Plan for Reef Fish prepared pursuant to the Fishery Conservation and Management Act of 1976 (PL 94-265).


200 pages


environmental impact, fishery management, habitat, reef fish, regulatory analysis