Estimated loadings of partially treated domestic wastewater on Galveston Bay




Guillen, G.J.
Phillips, D.
Harper, J.A.
Larson, J.R.

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Galveston Bay National Estuary Program


The potential impacts of partially treated effluent on adjacent water bodies are numerous. These impacts include reductions in dissolved oxygen, eutrophication, and elevated fecal coliform levels. However, quantification of the quantities and effects of all but the most severe bypasses and overflows has been difficult to determine. Severe bypasses from faulty collection systems have contributed to fish kills in the past. Sources of partially treated effluent include bypasses of partially treated effluent from collection lines and at wastewater treatment plants, and runoff from improperly designed septic tank systems. Information provided in this report will provide a preliminary estimate of the loading attributable to partially treated effluent. Due to the scarcity of data these estimates are rather crude and are intended to provide a relative estimate of the amount of loading attributable to these sources.


116 pages; available for download at the link below.


waste discharge, wastewater, sewage disposal, wastewater treatment, water analysis, water pollution, eutrophication, dissolved oxygen (DO), pollution effects, sewage effluents, coliforms