Disastrous Texas Flash Floods of August 1-4, 1978



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United States National Weather Service


Team members began the field survey on Monday, August 7 -- 4 days after the last victim drowned. The field phase was completed Friday, August 11. Three main areas were covered: (1) internal NWS operations, (2) role of the broadcast media, and (3) community preparedness and individual public response. The survey was limited to those counties with known fatalities. Gillespie County was not visited by the team as the team did not find out about the deaths that occurred there until the following week. The Southern Region quickly organized a special team to conduct a field search for verification of rainfall from unofficial and previously unreported sources--customarily referred to as a bucket survey. Private weather modification operations were conducted northeast of Abilene during the period of heavy rains in central Texas. An analysis of the possible impact of these activities in enhancing rainfall amounts is beyond the scope of this report and will not be addressed.


Approximately 150 pages


flash floods, flood mitigation