Fire in North American wetland ecosystems and fire-wildlife relations: an annotated bibliography.




Kirby, R.E.
Lewis, S.J.
Sexson, T.N.

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U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service


The relation of fire to wetland ecosystems is reviewed to prepare an annotated bibliography of 319 citations that provide specific research data, summaries of existing knowledge, or site-specific management advice for North America. To this bibliography is appended a supplemental bibliography of all articles cited in the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service publication series, Wildlife Review, years 1935 through the September 1987 issue (Number 206) that discussed any aspect of wildlife management and ecology related to fire management, fire behavior, or fire effects in North America. The annotated bibliography is intended to provide access to literature on fire-wetlands relations and to provide initial guidance in preparation of fire management planning documents on Service lands. The 942 citations in the supplemental bibliography are intended to provide a ready reference to the fire-wildlife literature that can be used to evaluate past, current, or proposed use of fire in wildlife habitat management. Guidance for obtaining the literature cited in both sections is provided.


146 p.


wetlands, bibliographies, wildlife, management, fire