Sediment water exchange of trace metals and nutrients in Galveston Bay, Texas




Warnken, Kent Wayne

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Texas A&M University


The benthic fluxes of several trace metals and nutrients were determined for three stations along the salinity gradient in the Trinity Bay region of Galveston Bay, Texas, using whole core squeezing techniques in conjunction with direct in-situ measurement. The stations were visited in consecutive late summers and late winters from 1994 to 1996. For the four sampling trips, calculated diffusive fluxes estimated from pore water concentration gradients, for NH4+ ranged from -70 to -427Ýmoles/m2/day with an average value of -239Ý137. Diffusive fluxes of PO43- ranged from 0 to -28.6 Ýmoles/m2/day and averaged -9Ý9. The diffusive fluxed of NO3-, Si(OH)4, Cl- and SO42- changed in magnitude and direction in response to reduced river flow and increased coastal inputs into Trinity Bay during this period.


127 pgs.


oceanography, sediment transport, trace elements in water, trace metals, chemical oceanography