Making a Better Bay - The Beneficial Uses Group




Gorini, Dick, Phil Glass, Rusty Swafford, Eddie Seidensticker, and Andy Sipocz

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Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission


The Port of Houston, with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, is deepening and widening the Houston Ship Channel from a configuration of 400 feet wide by 40 feet deep to 530 feet wide by 45 feet deep and extending the channel another 3.4 miles into the Gulf of Mexico. Approximately 70% of all dredged material will be used to create beneficial use sites over the 50-year project life. The Beneficial Uses Group (BUG), established in 1990, was charged with the development of an environmentally responsible utilization plan for materials dredged during the Houston Ship Channel expansion. The BUG conducted extensive research to determine the environmental, economic and engineering impacts of possible uses for the materials. They also went to the community to listen to peoples concerns and recommendations. Based on their research and input from the public, the Group developed a plan to use the dredged soils as building materials.


pg. 152