Coastal engineering considerations in Coastal Zone Management




Magoon OT
Huges SA

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Publ by ASCE, New York, NY, USA


This collection of papers from the conference contains 23 contributions. Some topics covered are the following: holding a shoreline with a buried revetment; incremental influence of shore structures determined using a shoreline change model; breakwater design in the Chesapeake Bay: dealing with the end effects; modification and layout of the Galveston Island Groin Field for retaining sand on beach; St. Paul Harbor, St. Paul Island, Alaska; forecasting wave attenuation performance for marinas; defining the safe navigable depth of the Calcasieu River Ship Channel, Louisiana; a verified model for harbor entrance sedimentation; dependence of shoreline change on channel dredge material disposal practices; Humbolt Bay, CA: a case study; calculating erosion rates: using long-term data to increase data confidence; assessing coastal bluff erosion along the Oregon coast using available materials; shoreline erosional/depositional patterns in Oman; coastal processes on the Wai-San-Ding Barrier of Taiwan Strait, R.O.C.; and tidally-induced sediment transport on the Amazon Prodelta. The papers have been grouped under the following headings: coastal structures and their impacts; harbors and tidal entrances; shore erosion and deposition; circulation and transport modeling; monitoring programs and tools; and various coastal engineering topics




Breakwaters, Coastal engineering, Computer simulation, Erosion, Forecasting, Information management, Management, Modification, Monitoring, Ports and harbors, Sediment transport, Sedimentation, Storms, Tides, Water waves