Application of Remote Sensing Methodology to Marine Resource Management: Shellfish Sanitation


June 1973


Davis, EM
Fosbury, WJ
Jackson, GB

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The Univesity of Texas at Houston, Health Science Center, School of Public Health, Institute of Environmental Health


The purpose of this research project was to determine the feasibility of employing remote sensing as an aid in enhancement of shellfish management. To this purpose, selected areas within Houston Area Test site 175 were chosed for ground truth data acquisition and correlated overflight data analysis as will be presented in following chapters. An investigation of this nature necessarily should not be limited to assessment of only one parameter and/or factor. As many approaches as possible should be investigated. In this light, at the initiation of the investigation, the following subjects were suggested for consideration relative to their applicability in the Coasta Zone of Texas.


159 pgs.


remote sensing, shellfish, water quality