National dredging needs of ports and harbors in the U.S.: Literature search





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U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Institute for Water Resources, Water Resources Support Center


This report is the Literature Search for the National Dredging Needs Study, and it serves as an overview and executive summary for the bibliography developed by DRI/McGraw-Hill for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Institute for Water Resources (IWR). The report documents a literature search of existing studies and reports from both public and private sources, which includes information regarding: (1) the status and capacities of U.S. ports, (2) the commercial use and baseline economic growth of U.S. ports, (3) projected growth and potential capacity problems at U.S. ports, and (4) trade impacts from public policy decisions such as the North American Free Trade Agreement. The literature search was conducted via on-line databases, interviews with government associations and private companies, and visits to major transportation libraries. The bibliography presented in Appendix A, as well an accompanying electronic version, includes 232 citations. Copies of all works cited were not obtained, but an effort has been made to obtain all of the particularly important works.


73 pgs.


dredging, dredge spoil, harbors, development projects, port installations, management, transportation, technology, access, economic aspects