A citizen's guide to plastics in the ocean: more than a litter problem. 2nd edition.




Center for Marine Conservation

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Center for Marine Conservation


This book is the second edition. Author Kathryn J. O'Hara, a biologist and Director of Marine Debris and Entanglement Programs at the Center for Marine Conservation, has written and overview of the problems that plastic debris causes in the marine environment and describes how citizens and public officials are working together to reverse the trend toward an 'ocean of plastic.' Written in cooperation with the Society of the Plastics Industry and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the book familiarizes readers with the types of plastic causing problems, where it comes from, and how it affects the ocean and marine life. ...The ultimate goal of the book is to arm citizens with information on the problem and to inspire active participation in the solutions. It will take many years (plastic is durable, remember) and will require the cooperation of citizens, industries, and federal and state officials, ... that we can overcome the obstacles. We must, if we are to maintain the ocean's health and conserve its precious living resources.


143 pgs.


waste, waste disposal in the ocean, plastic scrap, marine pollution, environmental aspects, environmental effects