America's Children and the Environment: A First View of Available Measures



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United States Environmental Protection Agency


This report has two principal objectives. First, America's Children and the Environment presents concrete, quantifiable measures for key factors relevant to the environment and children in the United States. This initial work offers a basis for a better understanding of time trends for some of these factors and for further investigations of others. The authors and sponsors hope it will contribute to the effort to integrate the environmental health needs of children into the nation's policy agenda. The second purpose of this report is to provide a starting point for discussion among policymakers and the public about how to improve federal data on children and the environment. The long-term purpose of America's Children and the Environment is to identify or develop measures that could used by policymakers and the public to track and understand the environmental health experience of children and, ultimately, to identify and evaluate ways to improve it. The work involved in developing the measures for children and the environment will contribute to this long-term goal.


91 pages; available for download at the link below.


environmental health, environmental education