Gonad development, growth and condition of some demersal fishes in the northern Gulf of Mexico during 1978 and 1979.




Pitre, R.L.

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Texas A&M University.


Seasonal gonad development, spawning, growth, size-class representation and condition were determined for sea catfish (Arius felis), sand seatrout (Cynoscion arenarius), silver seatrout (Cynoscion nothus), southern kingfish (Menticirrhus americanus) and star drum (Stellifer lanceolatus) occurring at two study areas known as West Hackberry (Lat. 29 deg. 40.0' N, Long. 93 deg. 28') and Week's Island (Lat. 29 deg. 05.7' N, Long. 93 deg. 47.6' W) off the Louisiana coast. Collections were made during 18-22 June 1978, 26 September-1 October 1978, 14-17 January 1979 and 16-20 April 1979, and consisted of three nighttime, 20 minute trawl tons at each of five stations for each site. Hydrological parameters, including water temperature, salinity and dissolved oxygen content, were measured at each station immediately prior to trawling.


153 p., Thesis


marine fish, ichthyology, sea catfish, Arius felis, sand seatrout, Cynoscion arenarius, silver seatrout, Cynoscion nothus, southern kingfish, Menticirrhus americanus, star drum, Stellifer lanceolatus, growth, spawning, animal reproductive organs