Coastal Hydrographic and Meteorological Study




Martinez, A.Rudy

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Texas Parks and Wildlife Department


Hydrographic and climatological data collected in the field and taken from publications are presented in this report. Rainfall totals along the Texas coast were 30 percent higher in 1968 than in 1967 with the heaviest rainfall occurring in June along the upper coast and in late May along the lower coast. Salinity patterns varied from the upper to the lower coast due to different rainfall distribution, but in general readings were below normal in most bay systems as a result of an overall increase in rainfall and runoff. Salinity readings during spring (a critical time for juvenile gamefish, shrimp and crab survival and growth) were 34.5 percent lower than the corresponding period in 1967. Lowest salinities were recorded in June with averages ranging from 1.4 ppt in San Antonio Bay (compared to 23.5 ppt in 1967) to 30.4 ppt in the Upper Laguna Madre (compared to 49.5 ppt in 1967). Water temperatures followed normal seasonal trends and varied little from the previous year. There were no fish kills caused by extreme weather conditions.


pages 95-134; available for download at the link below.


hydrography, climatology, meteorology, meteorological data, salinity, rainfall, water temperature, runoff