Perspectives on environmental issues in Galveston Bay area and across the state of Texas (1990-2000)




Klineberg, Stephen L.

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Rice University, Department of Sociology


This research project is a continuation of a 1997 survey completed by the same author (See Acc#8678) and provides an update to the Galveston Bay Estuary Program including surveys from 1996, 1998, and 2000. This report provides an assessment of continuities and changes occuring among Texas residents in their perspectives on environmental issues. A telephone survey was conducted using a sample of 1,000 residents in the five counties surrounding Galveston Bay. The surveys make use of a rich array of measures to assess the nature and extent of environmental concern among the residents of this state.


56 pgs.


environmental issues, surveys, public opinion, perspectives, local polution, economic and government tradeoffs, global environmental issues, pro-environmental activities, environmentally responsible behaviors, non-point sources of pollution, questions about Galveston Bay: location of residence, perceptions of bay environment, assessments of local pollution, economic concerns, environmental protection, higher prices, personal taxes, more intrusive government, statewide pollution, ecological worldview, environmental activities and self perceptions