Observations of Contract Netting Operations - Marine Fisheries Management in Region V


Eleven unannounced checks were made of randomly selected contract fishermen's nets to determine the percentage of fish other than drum taken in these nets. In the nets observed 939 fish were captured. There were 727 black drum (77.4 per cent), 105 sheepshead (11.2 per cent), 58 redfish (6.2 per cent), 30 flounder (3.2 per cent), 15 trout (1.6 per cent) and 2 sand trout. The catch of trout, redfish and flounder was 11.0 per cent of the total catch. Most trout, redfish and flounder were released alive. There were 12 redfish, 5 trout and 2 flounder dead in the catch of 939 fish. This is slightly over two per cent of the total catch. Mortality of trout and redfish could be further reduced by the use of strike nets in the summer. The present mortality, however, is insignificant.


6 pages; available for download at the link below.


black drum fish, bycatch, landings, catch survey