Regional Landfill and Construction Material Needs in Terms of Dredged Material Characteristics and Availability




Reikenis, Richard
Elias, Victor
Drabkowski, Edwin F.

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U.S. Army Engineer Waterways Experiment Station


The purpose of this study is to evaluate regional needs for landfills and construction materials without initial consideration of material quality, cost, and other characteristics. By uncovering unmet landfill needs and unsatisfied demands for construction materials, it becomes possible to consider the use of dredged material as a resource material to meet these unsatisfied requirements. Should sufficient demand warrant the use of dredged material, the feasibility of exploring the ways and means to treat dredgings, separate the granular materials from the fine silts and clays, improve the dewatering methods, and find economical means of transportation, would become justified. Additional costs incurred in preparing and delivering desired quality material from dredged sources would become the necessary increased cost to meet the demands of more stringent environmental quality controls.


260 pgs.


dredge, dredge spoil, dredging spoil, dredging, environmental aspects