State of Texas Disaster Preparedness Emergency Operations Simulation: A Manual for Instructors

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Texas Department of Public Safety

This manual presents a method of conducting disaster preparedness exercises to test the COORDINATED emergency responses of community leaders under simulated disaster conditions. The exercise has flexibility in that it may concern itself with a large scale disaster or a number of emergency situations of lesser magnitude that would create a disaster condition for the community being exercised. In any case, the exercise is designed to be conducted totally within the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) or a substitute area and involves as many of the community's public officials as possible. The manual is written as a guide for the instructor who is the key instrument in a moving, realistic, and productive exercise. Subjects covered are: exercise planning, the emergency operations center layout, operational activities training, the use of simulators, exercise control, communications requirements, the "practice run", the exercise itself and the exercise critique. This manual supersedes all previous manuals on Emergency Operations Simulation published by this Division.

78 pages
disaster management, emergency preparedness, emergency response