Health effects of toxic pollution: A report from the surgeon general and a brief overview of selected environmental contamination incidents with a potential for health effects




Surgeon General
Congressional Research Service

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Committee on Environment and Public Works, U.S. Senate


This report covers toxic chemicals and their effects on disease burden. The impacts of contamination incidents is significant. Implementation of recent environmental control legislation will reduce the marketing of toxic chemicals. The HHS (Health and Human Services) is carrying out programs related to assessing the public health risk to toxic chemicals. Furthermore, the HHS and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are developing an agreement to establish a mechanism that would facilitate coordination with the public. The goals are to develop research tools and vital education for understanding environmental health problems. In the long run, the reduction of disease is the objective.


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environmental monitoring, pollution effects, toxicology, waste disposal sites, chemical pollution, chemical analysis, environmental toxicology, hazardous wastes, toxicity testing