Proceedings: The Second State of the Bay Symposium. February 4 - 6, 1993.




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Galveston Bay National Estuary Program


Fifty-nine invited papers are printed herein. The goals of this symposium are: 1) to identify Bay projects being conducted by institutions other than the GBNEP, 2) to promote peer interaction among the scientists involved in this research, 3) to improve our understanding of estuarine problems in need of management solutions, and 4) to encourage project coordination in an ecosystem context. The science of Galveston Bay has immediate and vital applications in crafting the factual foundation for the Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan being drafted for final release Fall, 1994. For this purpose, findings directly contribute to development of a Galveston Bay Environmental Characterization Report to be published in late 1993 as a syntheses of all recent science bearing on identified management issues in the estuary.


373 pages; available for download at the link below.


water quality, sediment quality, data collections, point source pollution, nonpoint source pollution, surveys, toxicants, environmental monitoring, trace metals, pollution tolerance, public health, living resources, benthic environment, dredge spoil, dredging, wetlands, oyster reefs, management, habitat, mitigation banking, bycatch, man-induced effects, aquaculture, hydrology, inflow, modeling, monitoring, tourism, econometrics, economic feasibility