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Provisions of the Erosion Response Plan (ERP) are designed to implement dune protection, erosion response, and beach access policies and objectives in the City Comprehensive Plan and Comply with state requirements set forth in Title 31 Texas Administrative Code (31 TAC 15.17). In 2009, the Texas legislature adopted Texas Natural Resources code 33.607, which requires local governments along the Gulf Coast to develop plans for reducing public expenditures for erosion and storm damage losses. To implement the law, the Texas General Land Office (GLO) adopted rules to guide local government's preparation of erosion response plans. The rules are intended to ensure local governments enact regulations to reduce future storm damage and protect public access to beaches. The ERP identifies recommended amendments to the City's existing Dune Protection and Beach Access Plan found in section 29-90 (Development, Preservation and Protection of Sand Dunes) of the Zoning Standards (Chapter 29 of the Code of Ordinances of the City of Galveston). Consistent with Texas Natural Resources Code, 61.001 (Open Beaches Act) and 63.001, et seq. (Dune Protection Act), the City's Dune Protection and Beach Access Plan, with these amendments, establishes standards for managing the public beach and human activities occurring on property fronting the Gulf of Mexico within 1000 feet of mean high tide.



erosion, sand dunes