Analysis of marine sediment water and biota for selected organic pollutants




Murray, H., E. Lee, and C. S. Giam

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Elsevier Science


The concentrations of various organic pollutants (benzo[a]pyrene [BaP], hexachlorobenzene [HCB, insecticide], and pentachlorophenol [PCP]) were determined in samples of water, sediment and biota (flounder, killifish, shrimp, crabs and squid) from San Luis Pass, Texas. Sediment was also analyzed for polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB), phthalic acid esters (PAE) and various pesticides. Only PCP was detectable in water. In sediment, the relative concentrations were PAE .mchgt. BaP>PCB .simeq. HCB> PCP. BaP was not detectable in any animal; HCB was highest in crabs and PCP was highest in all others (flounder, killifish, shrimp, and squid). The relative concentrations of HCB and PCP were different in the different organisms. The differences between the relative concentration in the biota and in sediment were discussed. Results were compared to values measured at other sites. This study was part of a larger effort to identify and quantitate pollutants in various Texas estuaries and to serve as a basis for monitoring marine pollution.


pgs. 1327-1334


polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs)