Port of Seattle. Terminal 19 - Harbor Island.




Petit, R.G.

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Due to the advent of the Lykes Brothers SEABEE service and the growing LASH barge movements, an all-weather facility for loading and unloading barges was contructed at Pier 35. The building is a 100 by 203-ft steel frame structure with ribbed steel, vinyl coated sidewalls, and a flat built-up roof over steel deck and insulation board. There are 3 equal bays with a bridge crane in each bay. All 3 cranes have a bridge speed of 240 ft/min., a trolley speed of 150 ft/min, and are equipped with 5-ton hoists having a maximum hoisting speed of 70 ft/min. To handle the containers and cargo flats of the barges, the 2 cranes in the outside bays are equipped with a dual hook, 35-ton capacity hoist mounted on a rotating turntable. This allows the crane operator to turn a 30-ft container or a cargo flat 90, keeping the load level. The hooks are spaced 6 ft apart and the hoisting speed is 25 ft/min. The building foundation is supported on 12-in H-piles, 80 ft long. The building was designed for a future extension on either end. A diagram of a typical cross section of the terminal and an itemized list of the as-built cost on construction are included. Loading and unloading rates of 90 tons/hr/crane have been reported for break bulk cargo.


p. 23-24.


port installations, marine transportation, cost analysis, barges