Dynamics of Trace Metal Interactions with Authigenic Sulfide Minerals in Anoxic Sediments




Morse, John W.

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Ann Arbor Press, Inc.


Sediments are the dominant sink for trace metals of environmental concern in most aquatic environments. It is consequently important to understand the chemical behavior of trace metals in sediments in order to assess their potential impact on benthic biota or when sediments are resuspended in the water column. The fate of trace metals in sediments is controlled by a complex interplay of biological, chemical, and physical factors that leads to extensive transformation of their speciation under the often rapidly changing pH and redox conditions encountered below the sediment water interface...My students and I have been studying the interaction of metals with sedimentary iron sulfide for close to a decade. Our research has taken us down several paths; both in experimental laboratory studies and in field studies, primarily in marine and estuarine environments. This paper will present a brief general review of the chemistry of sulfidic sediments, and a synthesis of the work that our group has produced.


pgs. 187-199


Metal contamination, aquatic sediments, environmental aspects, speciation, contaminated sediments, metals