Survey of the Invertebrate Species Present in Mesquite Bay and Cedar Bayou Pass - Fisheries Investigations in the Aransas-Copano Bay Systems


A comparison was made of invertebrates present in Mesquite Bay and Cedar Bayou Pass with the pass open to the Gulf of Mexico and with it closed. This comparison showed that white shrimp were more abundant and brown shrimp less abundant when the pass was open. In addition, high salinity forms, not reported when the pass was closed, became relatively abundant when the pass was opened. Cedar Bayou Pass allows gulf water to enter lower Mesquite Bay. However, salinity is influenced primarily by influx of water from the Guadalupe River system.


15 pages


marine invertebrates, penaeid shrimp, abundance, crabs, salinity, white shrimp, Penaeus setiferus, brown shrimp, Penaeus aztecus