Houston Story 1969

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Bank of the Southwest

The story of Houston in 1969 was one of constant economic activity. To state it simply, things happened. From multi-million-dollar plant expansions to investments in a couple of acres of real estate - nothing stood still for even a day. People created demand. Industry created supply. And commerce brought the two together. The result for Houston in 1969 was growth in every direction - a great success story. The Industrial Development Department of Bank of the Southwest wanted to tell you Houston's Success Story. We could have prepared page after page of figures. We could have advertised that Houston has become one of the great cities of the Nation, a more and more important metropolitan, industrial, distribution, commercial, financial and headquarters center. We decided to show you instead and let you see for yourself. With the cooperation of the Houston Chronicle, that's what we've done. The Houston Story in 1969 was an exciting one. In the following pages we present the facts and tell it like it was, as it happened, from day to day.

110 pages
economic development, Houston, Texas