Hurricane Tides in Cayo Del Oso



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Water Resources Engineers, Inc.


This study was initiated by the City of Corpus Christi to re-evaluate on a comprehensive and detailed basis the hurricane flooding likely to occur within certain areas of their corporate limits. Results of the study are intended to refine and supplement Flood Hazard Boundary Maps compiled for the areas in question by the Federal Insurance Administration (FIA), Department of Housing and Urban Development, under the authority of the National Flood Insurance Act of 1968. Flood zones delineated on these FIA maps were established utilizing, at least in part, approximate hurricane flood elevations determined from investigations conducted by the Galveston District Corps of Engineers for the middle Texas Gulf of Mexico shoreline, hereafter reffered to as the FIA/CE study. Included in these investigations were flood analyses for the 100-year hurricane and the Standard Project Hurricane. Of primary concern to this follow-up study are the computed hurricane flood limits and the established base floods in the Cayo del Oso and surrounding land areas as identified on FIA Flood Hazard Boundary Map No. H 48 355 1150 09 and/or FIA Flood Insurance Rate Map No. I 48 355 1150 09. These base flood maps were constructed from surge frequency curves and computed flood elevations identified on Quad Sheets 35 and 36 for Oso Creek, N.W. and Oso Creek, N.E., respectively.


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Cayo del Oso, flood maps, storm surge, flooding, tropical storms, hurricanes