Bibliography of the Indian River Lagoon Scientific Information System. 2nd Edition.

Morris, Frederick W., Miller, Julie M.
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St. Johns River Water Management District

This bibliography is a collection of citations of scientific journal articles, books, charts, photographs, observations and measurements, and academic theses on the Indian River Lagoon (IRL). All of this information was combined to form a comprehensive collection of all data available on the IRL to help determine what we know about the lagoon's various components and systems, for comparing the results of studies or investigations with previous findings, for initiating and carrying out new studies, and for summarizing and understanding the lagoon's characteristics and trends. Citations are listed in the bibliography in alphabetical order by first author, and then divided into four main parts; citation number bibliographic reference material, citation information, and keywords.

1168 pages
lagoons, brackish water, brackish water environment, coastal lagoon, bibliography, estuaries, water resources development, aquatic resources