State of the art survey and evaluation of marsh plant establishment techniques. Induced and natural. Volume II: a selected annotated bibliography on aquatic and marsh plants and their management

Kadlec, John A. and Wentz, W. Alan
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U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Waterways Experiment Station, Environmental Effects Laboratory

The 703 references in this volume were sellected for the investigation of marsh and aquatic plant establishment which is reported in Volume I, Report of Research, of this report. The purpose of this bibliography is to make available an annotated listing of references which were not cited in Volume I. Although the bibliography does not represent an exhaustive review of the literature, it does provide an extensive survey of the pertinent references on the ecology and management of aquatic and march plants. The references selected for this bibliography emphasizes studies useful to researchers and managers. In accordance with the focus of Volume I, this volume concentrates on coastal, Great lakes, and riverine marshes.

206 pgs.
marshes, habitat improvement, plant utilization, aquatic plants, wetlands, environment management, bibliography, references, collection