Construction of Trial Reefs in Corpus Christi Bay - Developmental Activities in Region V


Objectives: The objective of this job was to determine if fisheries habitat could be improved along the southern shoreline of Corpus Christi Bay by the construction of artificial reefs. It is an established fact that many important sports and commercial fish congregate over natural reefs. That artificially formed reefs could provided an improved fisheries habitat was determined after World War I, when fishing was found to be productive in the vicinity of wrecked and sunken ships. States which have since engaged in artificial reef construction include New York, Maryland and North Carolina on the Atlantic Coast, California on the Pacific Coast and Alabama and Texas on the Gulf Coast. In bay waters Texas fishermen have long known that abundant fish populations may exist near natural oyster reefs. Artificially constructed oyster reefs can also produce oysters and associated organisms, thereby attracting food and game fish. Good catches of fish have been made off such reefs in the Port Isabel and Aransas Bay areas. The purpose of this job is to determine if artficially constructed shell reefs in selected areas of Corpus Christi Bay will produce oysters and associated organisms, which in turn will attract sport fish, thereby providing a concentration of sports and food fish for the sports fishermen.

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artificial reefs, oyster reefs, artifcial oyster reefs