An Initial Characterization of Non-indigenous Aquatic Species in the Gulf of Mexico Region

Holland, William D.
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Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission

The Gulf of Mexico Program (GMP) Management Committee serves as the Gulf of Mexico Regional Panel to the national Aquatic Nuisance Species Task Force (ANSTF). In addition, the GMP Non-indigenous Species Focus Team has committed to assisting each of the five Gulf States in developing and implementing a prevention, management, education, and monitoring plan to minimize introductions and impacts of no indigenous species. The GMP has developed this report to begin fulfilling these responsibilities in a coordinated manner. The report (1) compiles background and technical information needed to generate the Gulf of Mexico Regional Panel's first Annual Report to the ANSTF; (2) begins compiling information that will assist each Gulf State in developing their no indigenous species management plans; and (3) generates a regional information and coordination resource for no indigenous aquatic species management and research activities, targeting the GMP's broad group of stakeholders.

pgs. 155-156