An Inventory of Development Plans Pertaining to the Trinity River by Agencies other than the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers




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This study of the seventeen county region which contains the Trinity River Basin in east Texas was commissioned to determine the existence of actual, proposed, or planned projects in the Trinity River Project area. Specifically, the survey focuses on plans or policies that could result in physical construction on the 100 year floodplain associated with the Trinity River. Information was solicited from public agencies including state, county, and municipal governments, councils of government, and special districts; some of whose charters require the consideration of projects that affect the Trinity River. Many planning documents exist within the study area, and whenever possible, the documents were collected for use in this survey. Seventy different agencies were interviewed during the inventory; six were councils of government, seventeen were counties, twelve were cities, and thirty-five were special districts. In summary, the inventory indicates that councils of government have a keen sensitivity to their planning programs and related impacts on the Trinity River. Cities and counties are not as sensitive to possible impacts. Special district, authorities, and private organizations function on an ad hoc basic with no genuine commitment to long-range comprehensive planning or program development. (Author)




48G Natural Resources & Earth Sciences: Hydrology & Limnology, 91G Urban & Regional Technology & Development: Urban Administration & Planning, Army Corps of Engineers, Basins, Construction, Counties, Development planning, Economic development, Geographic, Impact, Local government, Modification, Organizations, Planning, Regional planning, Rivers, State government, Texas, Trinity River, Trinity River Basin, United States