Site Selection for Beneficial Use of Dredge Material Through Marsh Creation in Galveston Bay

Zimmerman, R. J., T. J. Minello, E.F. Klima, T. Baumer, M. Pattillo and M. Pattillo-Castiglione
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National Marine Fisheries Service, Southeast Fisheries Science Center, Galveston Laboratory

This investigation addresses the potential of marsh creation in Galveston Bay to provide beneficial use in conjunction with widening and deepening of the Houston-Galveston Navigation Channel. Interagency planners are considering using dredge material from the project for beneficial uses including the creation of marshes, bird islands, boater islands, and for shoreline stabilization. The purpose of this study was to develop information for the Beneficial uses Group to evaluate where in Galveston Bay significant biological gain may be achieved from marsh creation in open water habitat.

174 pgs.
salt marshes, habitat, ecology, environmental aspects, environmental conditions, houston ship channel, dredging spoil, galveston ship channel, beneficial uses, dredge, dredge spoil, marsh creation, marsh, wetlands