Pictorial atlas of Texas coastal hazards.




Texas Coastal and Marine Council.

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Texas Coastal and Marine Council


This publication is an attempt to bring to the public's attention examples of existing natural processes and the potential disaster situations they pose to the Texas coast. Only with increased public awareness and consequent preventitive-preparedness actions can the growing threat to life and property due to hurricanes and other natural processes be dealt with and future losses minimized. In order to further increase general awareness of these potentially destructive processes, this document uses pictures to show damage and possible circumstances which lead to future losses. While this brief report relies on pictures to deliver its message, there is a very substantial body of scientific and technical data that throughly documents, in an accepted scientific manner, the nature, extent, and location of these natural hazards along the Texas coast.


52 p.


coastal zone, disasters, subsidence, erosion, ground water, atlases, hazards