Texas Coastal Management Plan, 1990-1991

Texas General Land Office
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Texas General Land Office, Resource Management and Development

The Texas Legislature recognized the many problems threatening the Texas Gulf Coast by passing Senate Bill 1571 in 1989. This legislation designated the General Land Office the lead agency in developing a comprehensive, long-term plan for state-owned coastal public lands. This is the first substantial legislation addressing coastal needs in Texas since 1973. Texas is one of two coastal states (excepting the Great Lakes states) that do not have federally approved and financed Coastal Zone Management Plans. Texas attempted to join the federal program during the 1970's, but incentives were not sufficient at that time to overcome opposition. Recent years have brought a change in attitude amond coastal citizens and businesses. These interests now agree that enhancement and preservation of coastal natural resources makes good sense for business as well as environmental reasons. This document presents the initial recommendations for the Texas Coastal Management Plan being developed under S.B. 1571.

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coastal zone management, coastal zone, management, erosion, coastal erosion, protection, dune stabilization, wetland loss, wetlands, beaches, beach profiles