Renourishment of Corpus Christi Beach, Texas.




Heilman, D.J.
Shiner, J.A.

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In 1978, a major beach nourishment effort that incorporated a unique two-layer beach fill was constructed at Corpus Christi Beach, Teaxas. A coastal processes assessment was performed to determine the contributing roles of longshore and cross-shore sediment transport to project performance. Although some prior studies concluded that cross-shore transport was the predominant erosion mechanism, evidence deveolped as part of the present evaluation supports the concept that longshore transport is the predominant mechanism. Other new mechanisms identified include wave reflection from the hull of an aircraft carrier that is perminantly berthed at the updrift end of the beach and currents induced by passing ships. a renourishment design was developed and implemented, but incorrect sieve testing by and independantn laboratory during construction resulted in placement of imported fill material that contained excessive fines. A remediation effort is underway that will provide a two-layer beach that is similar to the original 1978 project.