Horizontal Configuration of the Lasagna (TM) Treatment Technology - User Guide


This report is a user's guide that discusses the technology and operations unique to the installation and operation of the horizontal configuration of the Lasagna (TM) integrated soil remediation technology. This technology, called Lasagna (TM) because of the layers of electrodes and treatment zones, has been developed to combine electrokinetics with treatment zones for use in low-permeability soils where rates of hydraulic and electrokinetic transport are too low to be useful for remediation of contaminants. The technology was developed by two groups, one involving industrial partners and the U.S. Department of Energy and another involving U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the University of Cincinnati, who each pursued different electrode geometries. This report deals with the horizontal configuration where electrodes and treatment zones are installed by hydraulic fracturing in soil. This report covers a period from October 1993 to August 2001 and work was completed September 29, 2001.


36 pages; available for download at the link below.


Lasagna soil remediation technology, soil remediation, environmental protection