Species composition, distribution and abundance of macrozooplankton in the intake and discharge areas after construction and operation of the Cedar Bayou Electric Power Station.




Jones, T.L.

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Texas A&M University


From January 2, 1971 through May 19, 1972, 549 zooplankton samples were taken in the intake and discharge areas of the Cedar Bayou Electric Power Station in order to determine what effects the first seventeen months of plant operations might have on Trinity Bay and adjacent areas. The 750 megawatt (mw) unit was operating fully by January 1971, with the second 750 mw unit coming on-line in February 1972. These data were compared to data taken before the plant was operating. These comparisons were used to identify any change in species composition, distribution, and abundance and the conditions that contributed to these changes are discussed.


217 p., Thesis


power plants, zooplankton, species diversity, environmental effects, ecological distribution, abundance, nets, temperature, dissolved oxygen (DO), thermal conductivity, pH, salinity