Survey of finfish harvest in Texas Bays.




Green, A.W.
Heffernan, T.L.
Breuer, J.P.

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During September 1976 to August 1977 Texas Parks and Wildlife Department monitored the weekend recreational boat fishing in 7 major bay systems. This survey showed that weekend boat fishermen expended 2,453,000 man-hours to land 1,836,700 pounds of finfish. Total finfish landings (in pounds) by bay system were: Galveston, 583,500 lb; lower Laguna Madre, 278,800 lb; upper Laguna Madre, 252,500 lb; San Antonio, 212,000; Aransas, 175,900; Corpus Christi, 167,600 lb; and Matagorda, 166,400 lb. A comparison of weekend boat sport fishing estimates from 1974-75 and 1975-76 with estimates obtained during the 1976-77 survey showed that there has been a 19-29% decline in landings. The commercial harvest of finfish from Texas bays was mainly accomplished by the use of five different gear types - trammel nets, gill nets, trotlines, rod and reels, and gigs.


81 p.


marine fish, biological surveys, sport fishing, collecting devices, recreation, fisheries