Final report on mathematical modeling investigations of the Clear Creek Basin. Rough draft.




Hays, A. J.

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Tracor, Incorporated


A mathematical modeling analysis of water quality was conducted for the Clear Creek Basin utilizing one-dimensional dynamic models to simulate tidal hydrodynamics and responses of several water quality parameters, including carbonaceous BOD, nitrogenous BOD, dissolved oxygen, and a conservative material, viz., phosphorus. The objectives of this investigation were to determine: a) whether and effluent C- BOD5 requirement of 5 or 12 mg/l would be adequate to meet existing receiving water requirements for dissolved oxygen for two future time periods, b) whether any nitrogenous BOD effluent reductions would be necessary to meet the dissolved oxygen requirements for these future periods should C-BOD reductions alone be insufficient, and c) whether two phosphorus effluent requirements for domestic wastewater treatment plants of 1.0 and 10.0 mg/l as P would produce similar or significantly different phosphorus concentrations in the receiving waters of the lower basin, i.e., Clear Lake, for the future periods investigated. All computations for future periods were carried out for extreme low flow summer conditions.


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mathematical models, water quality, wastewater, biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), measurement