Applied wetlands science and technology




Kent, D.M.

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Lewis Publishers


The book was written by practicing wetland professionals including consultants, academicians and regulators. in this manner, the most relevant, up to date information on applied wetlands science and technology is made available to those who need it. Sixteen chapters are provided. the first chapter consists of an introduction which defines wetlands and provides a federal regulatory context. Chapter 2 through 9 discuss fundamental issues of applied wetlands science including offsite and onsite identification of wetlands, functions and values, ecological assessments, avoidance and minimization of impacts; enhancement, restoration and creaction of freshwater and coastal wetlands, and monitoring. Chapters 10 through 12 discuss the use of wetlands for renovating wastewater, stormwater and acid mine drainage. An additional chapter on wetland treatment of agricultural runoff was omitted, and may be included in subsequent editions.


436 p


wetlands, environmental impact, environmental protection, habitat restoration, environmental monitoring, wastewater treatment, environmental management