Coastal hydrological and meteorological study, 1974




Martinez, A.Rudy

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Texas Parks and Wildlife Department


Rainfalls totals averaged 31.88% (15.50 inches) lower in 1974 than in 1973, with lowest rainfall occurring in February and April. Salinities varied from the upper to lower coast due to different rainfall distribution, but coastwide there was an average increase of 9.43% (2.08 o/oo) as a result of decreased rainfall. Highest readings were in August, with averages ranging from 20.5 o/oo in Galveston Bay to 44.5 o/oo in the Upper Laguna Madre. Water temperatures followed normal seasonal trends and averaged only 2.45% (0.12 C) higher than those recorded in 1973. There were no major fish kills as a result of critical weather conditions. Dissolved oxygen readings were low in October, with average ranging from 3.3 ppm in the Lower Laguna Madre to 7.6 ppm in Aransas Bay. High readings were recorded in December with averages ranging from 6.3 ppm in Corpus Christi Bay to 10.1 ppm in Aransas Bay. Habitat modifications included routine maintenance dredging of the Intracoastal Waterway and existing ship channels, dredging of new channels, drilling gas and oil wells, bulkheading and filling, placement of pipelines, and construction of basins.


pgs.. 61-108


rainfall, hydrology, meteorology, water temperature, dissolved oxygen (DO)