Land use survey.




Baen, J.
Gonzales, A.C.
Peacock, H.
Troboy, P.

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Land Use Task Force, Region VI, Youth Advisory Board.


The Youth Advisory Board's summer land use activities have attempted to develop a comprehensive overview of land use policies, practices, attitudes and mechanisms in the five state area of Region VI. The task force focused on the coastal zone of Texas and Louisiana in an effort to explain some of the environmental problems affected by land use. Pollution is frequently the direct result of improper land use management. The survey has taken a close look at existing attitudes and procedures concerning land use and its control mechanisms. Interviews and questionnaires were sent to environmental groups, professors, industries and local officials. Impacts of a representative council of government was investigated. Study includes summary of existing EPA policies and programs in Region VI. Several case studies were included.


161 p.


land use, coastal zone management, government policy, environmental effects