Oil Spill Response in the Marine Environment




Doerffer, J.W.

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Pergamon Press


A new danger for marine environments has ensued recently through the increasing maritime transport of chemicals, some of which are more persistent and toxic to the marine biota than oil. These problems are now being researched and new international requirements are being formulated. General knowledge of marine environments, of oil and its behaviour when released onto the water surface, and of the methods and means of response to an oil spill is rather limited. The aim of this book is to introduce the reader to these problems, which have been presented in numerous publications issued up to 1988 and reflect the level and trends of development in this field. This book could be read by anyone interested in marine pollution response and especially by those who intend to become directly involved in combat teams.


391 p.


environmental effects, oil pollution, oil spill control, oil removal, oil spills, oil spill clean-up, spill response