Trinity River Basin Water Quality Management Plan: Basic Information Trinity River Basin, Texas



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Trinity River Authority of Texas


I. This is a volume of basic factual information related to water in the Trinity River Basin. It was compiled in the course of preparing a Comprehensive Water Quality Management Plan for the Basin and is included as one of the volumes of the report of that Plan. II. The information is present as directly as possible from available sources, with a minimum of calculation or interpretation. It is intended to be a basis for, but otherwise stand apart from, judgments and analyses which are addressed to particular problems, policies, or projects. III. It is designed to be easily amended as new information is developed. More information might be added under the current topics, or new topics, might be added. Moreover, some of the information herein is subject to frequent change and will require updating from time to time. IV. It is hoped, therefore, that Basic Information, or its successors, may serve indefinitely as a resource for those studying or working with water in the Trinity River Basin.


536 pages


water quality management, Trinity River, Texas