Comprehensive survey report on Trinity River and tributaries, Texas




U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Fort Worth and Galveston Districts

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U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Fort Worth District


Described here are the methods and techniques employed in this report to meet the requirements placed upon recreation and fish and wildlife as equal physical and economic purposes served by the multiple-purpose plan of development for the water resources of the Trinity River Basin. These studies have been concluded through use and projection of data compiled at existing Corps of Engineers projects, together with data obtained from reports prepared by others, especially the Outdoor Recreation Resources Review Commission (ORRRC) and through special studies made specifically to determine the effects, needs, and economics of the recreation and fish and wildlife aspects of this project. The studies were coordinated with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the National Park Service and reports prepared by these agencies are included in this appendix as exhibits 1 and 2.


258 pgs.


hydrology, surveys, economics, water resources, flood control, navigation, natural resources, living resources, economic analysis, recreation, planning, management