Vertical Sections of Temperature and Salinity in the Trade Wind Zone of the Central North Pacific, February 1964 to June 1965



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United States Bureau of Commercial Fisheries


Temperature and salinity data obtained between lat. 10 degrees and 26 degrees North, along the four meridians long. 148 degrees, 151 degrees, 154 degrees, and 157 degrees West, are presented in vertical section for 16 monthly cruises of the Trade Wind Zone Oceanography Pilot Study. The sections can be used in planning applied oceanography experiments, exploratory cruises in marine biology and fisheries, or in fishery extension work. The text will aid those who are not familiar with the central North Pacific or who are not specialists in oceanography.


32 pages; available for download at the link below.


water quality parameters, Trade Wind Zone Oceanography Study, ocean temperature, ocean salinity, water column